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you don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.

just saying I love you ♥

►laugh until you cry; cry until you laugh
accented english, aishitemasu, akame, arashi, attempting to sing, awkward people are awkward, being addicted to ipod, being anti-social over breaks, being corrupted by friends, being online too much, being scared of thunderstorms, big bang, bling bling bb, boa, boys kissing other boys, broadway before legally blonde, cho kyuhyun, chocolate mousse cake, classical music, cliched love, csjh the grace, dbsk, do you love me?, doing anything but homework, dolphin!su, dongbangshinee, dongbangsuju, dorkage, drama-watching, drinking hot chocolate, fahrenheit, fanservice keeps me happy, food is my love, friendship rivalries, g-dragon, girly guys, guys prettier than me, hands are my fetish, hanging out with people, having too many obsessions, hayaryu, hello my-name-is michael jackson, hyukmin, hyuksu, hyun bin, i collect cars, i see fairies, i speak sarcasm, ice skating, in love with workaholic, j-pop, jaemin, je, jingrish=official language, jmin, jonghyun is so pretty, jongkey, k-pop, kame being slutty (himself), kamenashi kazuya, kanjani8, kat-tun, keysmashing over pretty boys, kim heechul, kim hyun joong, kim jonghyun, kim youngwoong jaejoong, kimkey umma, king of tennis, kizuna, koike teppei, lang lang, laughing until i cry, laughter is love, lee hyukjae, lee sungmin, listening to rachmaninov, living on apples, loling@ my favorite people, loving/laughing at classical literature, making a difference, masuda takahisa, max=the best, meeting new people, music is my life, my name is minho, nakajima yuuto, narcissistic pretty boys, news, nice weather!, no gyoza no life, non-existent otps, ok we can!, opera fanatic lol, ot5s, ot6s, pablo neruda, people who sing well, phantom of the opera, playing piano for hours, playing tennis, ponytail!fetishes, pop stars who fanboy, pretty asian boys, rafael nadal, reading novels like fanfiction, real men wear pink, repetitive dancing, richard siken, roger federer, ryopi, secret hopeless romantic, shim changmin, shinee, shining shinee imnida, sm, sm town, sorry sorry sorry sorry, spammage, sparkly rainbows, squid sushi and baseball, ss501, ssangchu couple, super junior, sweatshirts pwn all clothing, taking chances, tegomass is classic, tegoshi yuya, tough guys who cry, under my skin, watching the leaves fall, watching the stars, wearing jeans, what's being productive?, writing impossible stories, y si fuera ella, yamajima, yo touch this man, yoochun the pimp, yorokobi no uta, you are so gorgeous