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I was planning on doing it next week, but I just really need a change right now, and I think this is the right time. I'm going to miss this journal, but I'm going to keep it here so I can always come back to it. :) You guys can all delete this user name off your f-list now, so that it doesn't stay there uselessly taking up space.

MOVING > fingeredheart

Please feel free to add me at my new journal! There's no need for you to comment on the FO post if we were mutual friends here. Also, you are by no means obliged to add my new journal, though I will miss you very dearly if you do not.

For the last time here, I love you all. ♥ comments disabled. This journal is now no longer in use.
Kame - pensive

it's time for a change!

Guess who's moving!

mustenentwined3  > fingeredheart 

I will not be using it until the paid account on this one expires, but by all means, feel free to start adding me! There's no need for you to comment on the FO post if we are already mutual friends here. :) And if you really think we've never clicked, you are not obliged to add me at my new journal, although I will be very sad if you do not )': so it's up to you! I will add back anybody from my f-list here who adds me. Still using this journal in the meantime though, so don't forget this user name yet :DD! Love you all. ♥

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I'm really sorry

I'm sorry, guys. I feel like I'm always apologizing to you lately, and I know I should have been back on Saturday. But this summer is a lot busier than I planned for it to be, and some things have come up that haven't really made me in the mood for LiveJournal. I'm especially sorry to my new friends; I really want to get to know you guys better, but. ._. I feel like such a bad friend. I'M REALLY, REALLY SORRY. ;_;

Still on hiatus. For real. I know it sounds like a long time, but I'm going to be gone for four weeks (...a month, a little less?). I have to do my summer homework this week/volunteering, and then I'm going to the same sleepaway camp I went to last year (some of you remember that?), which is for three weeks.

Again, I'm really sorry! Take care of yourselves, f-list. I will miss you ): um. Maybe I'll try to post fic when I get myself to. And. Uh. SEE YOU. Have a great month! Same thing as before, if I am taking up space in your f-list, please feel free to remove me.

Bye, guys. iluall. ♥

ETA: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYEOWOOK. /is failingly late

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writing is my de-stresser

The first FIVE people to REQUEST in this post gets to have a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they HAVE to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

sjdfl I have been staring at this stupid math textbook for two hours. I am so disoriented right now sjdfl

Please request people I can actually write D: &hearts
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MUMU, JJ, RAI I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. &hearts&hearts&hearts

Like forever and forever like asjlkd;f I can't even say. I love you as much SHINee is shiny and as much as Hyuk collects cars and as much as Kame loves baseball and as much as Yuuto loves Yamada and god, you guys ;__________________; you're so damn sweet.

Everybody else, please feel free to ignore this post; I am so so so so sorry for spamming ;__; I couldn't help it ajslkdf.

;_; &hearts
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because I just can't stay away

If you are in a bad mood right now, or are having an awful week, or you just need cheering up, I have sparkles for you.


That being said, this entry will contain lots of incoherent complaining and hair-ripping because I am having a bad week, and I told myself I wouldn't even come on LJ or post, but I can't. I would rant to my friends irl, but they are going through crap with finals too; I would complain to my parents but work is treating them harshly and they're so tired that I don't want to add onto anything. I don't want to add on anything worse to your moods, either, so if you're in a bad mood right now (I hope the sparkles helped somehow; I really do love you guys) and you don't want to read, please do not feel obliged to, at all. You are never obliged to read any of my posts if you don't want to; I won't love you any less or blame you for it. :3

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To whoever I just ditched on MSN & YM, I'M REALLY SORRY MY COMPUTER IS BEING A BUTT FACE. And now I have to go DDDD: Sorry, guys.

OT, but I love love love SHINee's new album.

Comments disabled. Bye! I'm sorry once again to those people I ditched, unwillingly ):

ETA: Forgot about this. SPREAD THE LOVE, GUYS.

please just let me love you
(even if it's creepily)

Go tell your friends how much you love them. Go go go. You know you want to.
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Because 1) a lot of things have come up, and 2) I need to set my priorities straight. These past two days have been very out of wack and completely too emotional for me, plus my schoolwork is going down the drain.

So. I will not be replying to any f-list posts or comments for who knows how long :/ I'm especially sorry to my new friends; I wish I could get to know you guys better. I have absolutely no idea when I'm going to be back, but hopefully it's not way too long. I will be lurking around fandom and stuff, so drop a "hi" if you see me, I suppose :3 otherwise, good-bye. It's going to be hard for me, but I can assure you that this time, it will be long.

I'll miss you guys tons ;_; Take care! Please feel free to defriend me at will if I'm gone for too long and am inevitably taking up space in your f-list. ♥ Bye. ): Do not expect me here anytime soon. And since it's going to be a while before I say this again, I love you all. ;A;